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As a mom of three, I understand needs, wants, and desires of other moms, who want to see their babies wearing not only cute, but also comfortable, fit-well and keep-them-warm clothes. As a mom and a designer I pay attention to little details, things that could be improved.


Usually babies under-all pants are worn over a diaper. Diapers create additional volume, so when a baby stands, parents are forced to quickly tighten the waistband or the pants will fall down. A baby’s back is always exposed when lifted because her shirt slides up, which is not only uncomfortable, but can cause the baby’s temperature to fluctuate, which can lead to various illnesses.  

While developing our product, I have considered all these shortcomings. Combining three wardrobe items and upgrade them. I have created a new product, with a unique top section that extends up to a baby’s underarms and snaps over the shoulder, which is already on sale. I use this product for my kids and I invite you to try it for yours. 

I believe that comfort and love are all your baby needs from day one… 

Anna Esterer

Founder | Designer | Mom

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